Open Her Black Box -The truth of Shiori Ito

Open Her Black Box -The truth of Shiori Ito-

Shiori Ito, an alleged rape victim and Japanese #MeToo movement activist. Let's find the truth by examining her words and deeds.

The timeline of Shiori Ito [2015] May 7-13

In the previous post, we saw until May 6, when Ms. Ito sent a straightforward e-mail. In this post, I would like to show all 26 emails sent during the week of May 7th to May 13th. Please be patient. This post is pretty long. The sources are colored as followed:
Her book "Black Box"➡ 
Court documents➡ 
My comments will be indicated by 💡. actions of Ms. Ito by 🔴, and actions of Mr. Yamaguchi by 🔵.

May-07 (Thu)

🔵About 10 hours after the previous email, Mr. Yamaguchi sent another email.

Ms. Ito,
I will answer you first about how to reach me out of all the other inquiries you have sent me.

Currently, I don't have an address temporarily in both Japan and the US, so I can't make a cell-phone contract. I will let you know as soon as I get my cell phone in some way. Until then, if you send me an email, I will contact you immediately.

I've been answering your emails right away or looking for a payphone and calling you. Like the day before yesterday when I got an e-mail message from you while driving on the highway, I immediately got off the highway and called you from a public phone, but you didn't answer. I will not deceive or run away, and you can get in touch with me anytime, so please rest assured.
09:33am (20:33pm the previous day in EDT)

Please tell me the date of your return to Japan, your contact information, and the contact information of your current stay. So that I can deal with things immediately when I go to the hospital. I can't go to the hospital unless you clarify that. If you say you won't run away or hide, please disclose these pieces of information and return to Japan immediately. I am calmed down. What more do you need to say to a woman who was raped and has the possibility of being pregnant?
15:38pm (02:38am in EDT)

Shin-Yurigaoka General Hospital and browse restriction of the medical records

🔴In fact, on this same day, Thursday, May 7th Ms. Ito was examined at the Shin-Yurigaoka General Hospital, resulted in negative for a pregnancy test, and diagnosed with "nearly zero possibility of pregnancy" due to the bleeding after the emergency pills.


It's a new general hospital that opened in 2012. 

💡Although the examination time is unknown, Thursday's operating hours at the hospital are 9 am-12 pm, and 14 pm-17 pm. So it's highly possible that the above-messages of "I can't go to the hospital " and "who was raped and has the possibility of being pregnant" were sent after the pregnancy test and confirmed negative, in the hospital's waiting room, or at worst, on the way to the hospital. Even though it's to find out where Mr. Yamaguchi was (as explained in her book), it kind of scares me how easily she lies.

Also, why did she go to the general hospital just to have a pregnancy test? It was a weekday, so the wait time at a general hospital would have been quite long. She may have received another medical examination in another medical department at the same time.

Ms. Ito is currently restricting access to her medical records because of personal information. On Dec. 19, 2019, at an interview after the civil court's ruling, she said, "We can discuss publicly the diagnosis of the doctors if my personal information such as my home address is covered." However, on Dec. 20, Ms. Ito's lawyers sent Mr. Yamaguchi a written request not to disclose the medical records and security camera footage. It's almost like they are shouting out loud the truth is there. To open the security camera footage and medical records to the public requires more voices. If you want to know the truth, please tweet the following hashtag on Twitter: #伊藤詩織氏のカルテと防犯カメラ動画の公開を求めます

About an hour later, Mr. Yamaguchi replied.

What do you mean by rape? I can't agree with you at all.
If you want to fight legally, let's do it. I'm absolutely fine. I'll take my lawyer to the next meeting.

You can't win even if you insist on quasi-rape. I have a lot of witnesses. If you still want to fight, I'll get ready too.

If you're willing to talk about it in a positive and honest manner, shouldn't you have an attitude that we can discuss? It's all up to you.
16:37pm (03:37am in EDT)

I have no intention of attacking or making you suffer at all. I will spare no effort to get over this situation as soon as possible.

However, if you remain hostile to me like you are now, I will no longer have a choice to deal with it. To dispel unreasonable criticism, I would accept a trial that'd last for more than months or a year. If you choose to burn and hurt each other.

Can you talk about it calmly and positively? If you can, I'll go back to Japan immediately.
17:00pm (04:00am in EDT)

May-08 (Fri)

The following email of Mr. Yamaguchi is omitted in her book "Black Box."

Ms. Ito,
In response to the hostile wordings of your email, my reply tends to be strong, but I will do everything I can to solve the difficulties you face.

I think it's better to see you once and I'm thinking about going back to Japan very soon. I sent you an email about that, but I have not received any response. It takes some time to adjust the schedule and check flights back and forth between Japan and the US. Please let me know as soon as possible, as the time for my return to Japan will be delayed too.

Again, I won't run away or hide and I will do anything I can.
To do so, I'm replying immediately whenever you contact me. I would like to deal with various issues in a positive manner.
11:36am (22:36pm the previous day in EDT)

🔴Ms. Ito called Mr. A and told him Mr. Yamaguchi might be in Japan because he replied very quickly. She consulted Mr. A what to reply because her lawyer told her he would find out she was consulting the police if she didn't reply. Mr. A told her she could simply reply, "I'll think about it."

As I have said over and over again, right now my physical health is my top priority.
Please let me think about it a little.
13:24pm (00:24am in EDT)

All right. I'll make it as convenient as possible for you, so please feel free to contact me.
13:53pm (00:53am in EDT)

🔴She couldn't trust the police, so she consulted with her uncle who used to be a former prosecutor. He said she could find out about Mr. Yamaguchi's entry into and departure from Japan if she asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She put herself together and sent another email to Mr. Yamaguchi.

💡This is the famous "former prosecutor uncle" issue. Mr. Yamaguchi's lawyer investigated, and he confirmed that there is no record of a prosecutor or a "deputy" prosecutor on either father's and mother's side. Moreover, immigration control is under the Ministry of Justice. A prosecutor belonging to the Ministry of Justice can possibly not mistake that. Even if it was just her mistake, they should have confirmed the accuracy of such information before publishing it.

You say you're replying without running away or hiding, but you only reply like that, and I haven't gotten the most important response over the past few days, so my fears haven't been removed yet and I feel like you're only protecting yourself.
You said before that there was no possibility of pregnancy, what did you mean by that? You repeat you will do anything over and over again, then what on earth is it that you can do?
19:06pm (06:06am in EDT)

If you need an important answer that hasn't replied, please tell me. I'll reply right away.
21:37pm (08:37am in EDT)

Why did you tell me before that there was no possibility of pregnancy?
22:57pm (09:57am in EDT)

That's because of the illness I have.
23:05pm (10:05am in EDT)

What kind of illness? Please tell me in detail because it is related to my health.
23:09pm (10:09am in EDT)

It's an illness in which sperm activity is remarkably slow.
23:12pm (10:12am in EDT)

I see. It sounds as if you are justifying sex without contraception by weak sperm. I thought you had a son, didn't you?
23:19pm (10:19am in EDT) *Omitted from her book

Don't reveal my underwear.

💡Didn't she know anything about in vitro fertilization and other infertility treatments? "Sperm activity" is a very sensitive topic concerning men's confidence, especially when it's slow. It's nobody but Ms. Ito herself who decided to discuss this very private matter in public, and in order to find out the truth, sometimes you have to disclose such private information.

She made public this Mr. Yamaguchi's private information that any man, in general, would be very embarrassed about (Plus, she shrewdly omitted the sarcastic reply to him, "I thought you had a son, didn't you?") How could she say to Mr. Eitaro Ogawa not to reveal her underwear?


At an interview after the civil court's ruling, Ms. Ito said to Eitaro Ogawa as followed.

As a woman, I didn't want to reveal my underwear. But you made it public. I want you to think deeply before you write. Does it have a significance for society? Moreover, I have never been interviewed by you. In this regard, I would like to ask you what you think about writing unilaterally as a journalist.

Why does she bring out "women" here? Isn't she a feminist who advocates gender equality? If she says she wanted him to be considerate of her as a woman, shouldn't she also be considerate of Mr. Yamaguchi as a man? I want to tell Ms. Ito exactly the same thing as she said.

As a man, Mr. Yamaguchi didn't want to reveal his sperm activity. But you made it public. I want you to think deeply before you write. Does it have a significance for society? Moreover, he has never been interviewed by you. In this regard, I would like to ask you what you think about writing unilaterally as a journalist.


In the book, she says, "The followings are the main emails that we exchanged," but if you see the omitted emails, it shows that Ms. Ito is persistently and overbearingly pressing Mr. Yamaguchi to take "concrete action." *Highlighted pink parts are omitted in the book

May-09 (Sat)

I have been taking a positive attitude towards solving problems and answering your questions, but if you are in a different position and policy, then these interactions are pointless. Too bad.
04:20am (15:20pm the previous day in EDT)

My period hasn't come yet. I've been so scared I can't sleep since that night.
What is the specific meaning of your positive attitude toward resolving the problem?
04:35am (15:35pm the previous day in EDT)

May-10 (Sun)

Please answer. What is your positive response that you mention?
Even though you say you will do what you can, that you won't run away, yet you still haven't even apologized to me who was hurt.
If I'm pregnant, I can never tell my parents that it's yours, a married man who has a son and who's around the same age as my father. Besides, it's too filthy and immoral that you did it against my will.
Too bad if you won't respond to this email with your more specific action, even though I contacted you in urgent need for a medical reason.
11:53am (22:53pm the previous day in EDT)

If you need urgent medical action, I'll help you as much as I can, so please be specific. Also, if you want to meet and talk with me, I suggested to return to Japan temporarily for that reason, but I haven't received any specific response from you since then. You accuse me, but you don't tell me exactly what I should do, so I'm at a loss.

I feel very bad that you are exhausted mentally and physically, and I will do everything I can to improve it, so please suggest concrete things to do.

And I haven't apologized because our perceptions of facts are fundamentally different. The things you mentioned in the previous emails also quite differ from the actual facts. However, if I object to your claim about the facts, it could be further psychological pressure on you, so I dare not refute.

It's not that I don't intend to apologize to you at all. Apologizing vaguely when we have fundamentally different understandings of the facts causes misunderstandings in many ways so I think it's inappropriate.

Again, I'm deeply concerned about the fact that you're suffering alone not being able to talk to anyone. Please tell me specifically what I should do now.
12:38pm (23:38pm the previous day in EDT)

May-11 (Mon)

I'd like to hear your apology and remorse first. What do you mean by differing from the actual facts? As long as I can't have your response on this point, I think it's meaningless to talk to you from now on. Our job is to tell the truth, right? I hate people who distort facts the most.
13:40pm (00:40am in EDT)

You said you would reply as soon as possible. It's distressing to even wait like this.
17:40pm (04:40am in EDT)

Your reply to my previous email took around 25 hours. This time you only waited for four hours and you complain. Is there anything that can be solved by denouncing and threatening in a high-handed manner?

Can't you calm down a little? Do you think the discussion will proceed with your present attitude? Can't you try to solve the problem together?
18:05pm (05:05am in EDT)

It was you who said you would respond as soon as possible. You presented yourself. This doesn't fall within a threat.

Please don't change the subject anymore. That is not the answer to my previous email.

Let me repeat it.

I'd like to hear your apology and remorse first. What do you mean by differing from the actual facts? As long as I can't have your response on this point, I think it's meaningless to talk to you from now on. Our job is to tell the truth, right? I hate people who distort facts the most.

I'm only asking the same question again and again, and you keep changing the subject from my question like this.

So can I recognize it as you have no intention to answer?
18:39pm (05:39am in EDT)

May-12 (Tue)

You mean, I am obliged to reply to you quickly, and you can reply to me whenever you feel like it, right?
02:13am (13:13pm the previous day in EDT)

Please re-read my May 10th email regarding apologies and support. Also, I will not discuss the facts with you via email. That means I won't respond to your request of unconditional apology. I think anyone would respond the same way in this situation.

It doesn't mean that I deny the support you need. I am still ready to support you based on good intentions. If you tell me specifically, I'll do everything I can.

However, if you continue to be aggressive and hostile like now, the same thing will repeat pointlessly if I interact directly with you, so I will let a third party involved from now on to contact you.
12:45pm (23:45pm the previous day in EDT)

May-13 (Wed)

I got a call from the Japanese media in Washington that I had asked about your job, they want to have an interview with you.

Apart from the current situation where our communications are not doing well, If you are interested in working in the US, please feel free to let me know what you would like to do.
00:07am (11:07am the previous day in EDT)

Ms. Ito,
You may not take it as it sounds, but I am worried about you. I'll do anything I can to support you, and I'm still ready to hear what you want me to do specifically.
10:37am (21:37pm the previous day in EDT)

That's all the emails.

💡What do you think? Some men read these emails and said their testicles almost crawled back inside. She is trying to force him to apologize and demand self-reflection, using a high-handed and overbearing attitude, and to make him say the "measures to solve the problem in a concrete way." If she suggests it, it would be a crime of extortion (even if he didn't pay, it would be attempted extortion).

Although she never says it clearly, she demands an apology and his sincere action. When he asks, "What do you want me to do?" she asks back, "What can you do?" She's too used to this. This may have not been her first time to demand an apology and money from a man.


She also says in her book, "I couldn't stand being connected to Mr. Yamaguchi even by email, so my friends wrote drafts of email for me, but they were expressing direct anger, so I had to write them over." However, considering how late at night she emailed or how in the short time she replied, I don't think she consulted with her friends and replied.

Her friends must have jobs, or maybe they have a family. It would be impossible to be with Ms. Ito all the time. As I wrote in my previous post, unlike the second email which was written by someone who obviously isn't Ms. Ito, the tone of the other emails has consistently been coercive and threatening. I think Ms. Ito tries to shift the blame onto her friends for the threatening emails by saying they aren't what she wrote.

Malicious impression manipulation

In the book, the part where she went to a hospital to have a pregnancy test with her nurse friend, S, comes AFTER all the exchanged emails. She says her period was one month behind schedule even though she had taken the morning after pills, and she had irregular bleeding too, so the police investigator A recommended her to go have the pregnancy test.

This makes the readers think she went for a pregnancy test after sending this series of emails saying, "I'm scared if I get pregnant." In fact, it made me think so too until I got to know the fact that she went to Shin-Yurigaoka Hospital on May 7. This is nothing but a malicious attempt to get readers to perceive things differently from the facts for her own convenience.

In addition, "bleeding for three days six days after taking the emergency contraception pill" is a typical "successful case of emergency contraception pill" on many websites. When she came up with Date Rape Drugs, she immediately searched websites for information about memory loss and nausea symptoms when DRD was used. If she searched for emergency contraception pills, she could have gotten the correct information immediately. As for this, as a woman, I have to say, "Give me a break!"


In the next post, we will move onto Ms. Ito's life of the rest of 2015, after the direct battle with Mr. Yamaguchi.


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