Open Her Black Box -The truth of Shiori Ito

Open Her Black Box -The truth of Shiori Ito-

Shiori Ito, an alleged rape victim and Japanese #MeToo movement activist. Let's find the truth by examining her words and deeds.

The timeline of Shiori Ito [2015] April 23-May 6

Ms. Ito's life after the incident, from April 23 to May 6. The sources are colored as followed:
Her book "Black Box"➡ 
My comments will be indicated by 💡. actions of Ms. Ito by 🔴, and actions of Mr. Yamaguchi by 🔵.


As noted in my previous post, there's about a week from Apr. 18 till Apr. 23. where I couldn't find any activities of her whether in her book or on social media.

Apr-23 (Thu)

🔴A friend of hers, R, who quit the job because of sexual harassment, introduced Ms. Ito to the Japan Legal Support Center, and she consulted a lawyer for free. She also showed the lawyer the previous emails. The lawyer pointed out the need to obtain the footage of hotel security cameras.

🔵Mr. Yamaguchi was dismissed as the chief of the TBS Washington Bureau and transferred to Sales Bureau.

Apr-24 (Fri)

The lawyer pointed out that there were no direct words in his emails, so she decided to send an email again.

Mr. Yamaguchi,
My period hasn't come yet, I am so scared. I'm obsessed with this, whether I'm asleep or awake. How can you be so sure it's impossible for me to get pregnant? Please tell me the reason.

Apr-25 (Sat)

🔵He posted on Facebook a photo of Evening Paper Fuji reporting about him getting demoted. He was in Japan at this time.

🔴She heard from a friend about the article of Mr. Yamaguchi getting demoted.

Apr-27 (Mon)

🔴Investigator A contacted her and said the police could not arrest him, it would be difficult because there was no evidence. When she told him about the demotion of Mr. Yamaguchi, he said, "We don't know when he'll get demoted. Let's not talk about something uncertain," "If you still want to file a damage report, we'll accept it."

Apr-28 (Tue)

🔴Mr. A contacted again in the morning, and said, "The demotion is true, so we may be able to get him," and "I heard that Mr. Yamaguchi is currently in Japan, so please report the damage as soon as possible because tomorrow is a national holiday."

She decided to call Mr. Yamaguchi before she filed a damage report. She wanted to check on the possibility of pregnancy and thought she might be able to get his real intention if she called him out of the blue.

💡She says she wanted to get his real intention...what intention is she talking about? No way she wanted to ask, "I want to know your real intention of raping me"...did she?

She would panic and feel nauseous just by looking at someone who looked like Mr. Yamaguchi, but with her best friend K, from K's house, she called Mr. Yamaguchi's cell-phone twice. But he didn't answer.

Then Mr. Yamaguchi sent her an email.

Ms. Ito,
I don't have that cell-phone currently with me. Also, since I quit my job, you can't reach me even if you call the branch office or head office. However, if you're still interested in working in Washington, I will tell that to the successor manager.

Please reply to this email if you want to reach me. Thank you.

Mr. A contacted her again in the afternoon. She told him she had received an email from Mr. Yamaguchi saying he'd quit the company, but Mr. A got angry and told her not to move around on her own.

She contacted the Sheraton Hotel about the security video, but they said they could only share it if the court requested it. She asked them to preserve the data.

Shopping during the battle with Mr. Yamaguchi

On this day, the following picture was posted on Ms. Ito's friend's social media.


💡The photo was posted on April 28. It's possible that it had been taken before, but it should be around this time. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying she's lying because she's wearing a sexy dress. I'm definitely not saying that women who like to wear sexy clothes lie (I used to like to wear revealing clothes).

I just want to point out that it is inconsistent with her statement. Wearing sexy clothes certainly attracts the attention of people, especially men. She says just looking at someone with a similar appearance to Mr. Yamaguchi causes panic and nausea, but she still feels like trying on a sexy dress with holes on the sides?

Apr-30 (Thu)

🔴She submitted a damage report to the Takanawa Police. She asked them to exam for the Date Rape Drug again, but Investigator A told her, "There's no point in checking it now. It's too late." So she gave up.

May-04 (Mon)

🔴When she was with her friend, I, her friend saw Mr. Yamaguchi's post on Facebook and found he was in Izu, Japan. She contacted Mr. A and asked him to meet Yamaguchi to investigate because he was in Japan, but Mr. A refused it, saying the police couldn't see Facebook or couldn't email Mr. Yamaguchi.

When she asked him if she could contact him in person, Mr. A hesitated, "It is very problematic for the police to have the victim negotiate directly with the suspect," but finally he gave permission because of the possibility of Mr. Yamaguchi returning to the U.S.

Mr. A promised to testify that it was a request from the police if later Ms. Ito's direct contact with Mr. Yamaguchi became an issue.

💡So in the book, Ms. Ito says that Mr. A allowed her to contact Mr. Yamaguchi directly. As I mentioned in my previous post, she said in the press conference after the civil ruling, "I hated it, but the police investigator asked me to contact Mr. Yamaguchi," a completely opposite thing. I would love to see Mr. A testifying in the appeal court as he promised.


She emailed Mr. Yamaguchi with the lawyer in the lawyer's office. The lawyer advised her to include the word "work" so that it would be easier for Mr. Yamaguchi to answer, for he had answered proactively only regarding work. She didn't want to, but followed the advice.

I'd like to talk to you as soon as possible about pregnancy and work, so please let me know your phone number.

Mr. Yamaguchi immediately called her with an anonymous number. He said he was calling from a public phone because he didn't have a cell-phone. Ms. Ito said she wanted to see him, but he said he couldn't because he was going back to the U.S. on the morning flight the next day. He said he would call again and hung up.

She thought she would go to Takanawa Police where Mr. A was and talk on the phone with Mr. Yamaguchi, so she called Mr. A, but he replied that he could not move because a person had fallen into the river.

She emailed Mr. Yamaguchi again from the lawyer's office.

Since it's a national holiday today, the hospital was not open. Can't you extend your stay? Because I might be pregnant.

After leaving the lawyer's office, Mr. Yamaguchi called her with an anonymous number when she just left the Yoyogi Uehara Station. She didn't respond because she wasn't with the police. Then Mr. Yamaguchi sent her an email.

I called you but you didn't answer, so I'll call you back after a while. I cannot change the schedule for tomorrow, but I will be back in Japan in about a week or two. Also, wherever I am, I will do everything I can, so please don't hesitate to tell me anything.

🔴Her best friend K invited her to a picnic in the park. She replied to Mr. Yamaguchi on the way to the park.

I'm with my family now, so I can't talk on the phone. I'd like to meet you and talk to you, so please email me as soon as you decide the date to return to Japan.

💡This small lie shows Ms. Ito's tendency to exaggerate and distort facts to her convenience. Why does she have to lie that she was with her "family"? Why can't she just say, "l can't talk because I'm with my friends"? Also, she does not seem to feel guilty about lying at all, nor did she even make any excuses in her book. Ms. Ito's lies, about the hospitalization, her family, knee injury, and pregnancy...they're all very "sympathy-attractive".

May-06 (Wed)

🔴She didn't hear from him for two days, so she decided to send him a straightforward email before Mr. Yamaguchi heard of the police investigation, she wrote the email with her friends and sent it.

Mr. Yamaguchi,
Up until now, I've tried desperately to control my memory and emotions. Because if I face them, I'll collapse. However, It's becoming too hard to control myself. 

That night, I was forced to engage in sexual activity while I was unconscious, and I was hurt both physically and mentally. After that, I had pain in my vagina for a few days and my nipple was so hurt that I couldn't even take a shower. My knee joint was dislocated, I'm wearing a knee brace even now. I was shocked to find that you did this to me because I trusted you, I can't sleep at night and can not go to work because of this, but I tried hard to cover this up thinking about my future. However, now that my period is significantly delayed and the possibility of pregnancy is increasing, I have to face reality as soon as possible. If you do not give me a sincere apology, and deal with this situation about my work and my pregnancy as soon as possible, I can't take it anymore mentally that I have no choice but to ask the people around me for help. I think you should have already dealt with it in the first place. You told me you would be back in a week or two, but I have to go to the hospital to handle it as soon as possible, so please return to Japan immediately. Also, please have a cell-phone that works in Japan. It's not acceptable that I can't get in touch with you when I need to.

Please reply to all of these things. I've reached my limit of you ignoring or denying my words in the email as you did before.
22:28pm (09:28am in EDT)

🔵Mr. Yamaguchi replied immediately.

Ms. Ito,
I am very concerned about your mental and physical exhaustion. I'm also sorry that you don't have someone to consult with nearby. I won't run away or hide, and I will do everything I can, so please calm down first.

I also think highly of your ability, so I'd like to do my best to help you get the right job in the US, and I've actually received some specific offers. Don't you think you need to calm down first and deal with things positively to move forward?

Please think calmly about your understanding of the facts.
For example, is it because of me that your knee hurts? Do you remember being saved by staff from the restroom of the sushi restaurant where you locked in and fell asleep? According to the staff, you fell off of the toilet seat and slept in an unnatural posture, so maybe you hurt your knee then, right? If you insist that I did something that hurt your knee, please explain the situation. In many ways, I would like you to calm down first.

Again, I am prepared to do everything I can to make you feel better both mentally and physically, based on good intentions. I would like you to calm down first so that we can work together to solve the problem.

Also, please tell me what you want from me. What's all that I have to answer? I don't understand your email well. I have no intention of deceiving or running away. I would like you to organize it positively and tell me in an easy-to-understand way, not with your fighting attitude.
23:12pm (10:12am in EDT)


The following day, May 7, the fierce battle of emails starts. In the next post, I will introduce all of the emails, including those omitted in Ms. Ito's book "Black Box."


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